We know the nuts and bolts of any commercial vehicle wheel. From air valves to cleaning products, accessories and maintenance products are integral to our complete service offering – for both safety and a great appearance. Our experts are here to make sure you have the right accessories to match your wheel, giving you peace of mind that you’re ready for the road. Our wide range of accessories for steel and aluminium wheels includes a variety of sizes and can be tailored to fit your vehicle – whether it’s a truck, bus or trailer. We are the one-stop-shop for all your commercial wheel needs. See what’s on offer:



Our collection of ring covers makes your wheels stand out. Suited to both steel and aluminium wheels, the ring covers enhance the look of your commercial vehicle, while also protecting wheel studs. Choose between open and closed covers depending on your type of vehicle – or stainless steel for added wheel protection. Keep your wheels safe in two sizes: 26mm and 32mm.



Brighten your alloy wheels using our cleaning kits. Available for purchase either individually or as part of a set, the cleaning kits are acid-free and restore wheels so they look like new again.



Never be without the right tools on the job. With the help of our specialist pliers, you can remove wheel nut covers quickly and easily. This pair has a universal fitment that allows them to be used on both 32mm and 33mm nut covers. PVC-coated, they prevent scratches and improve grip on the caps – making wheel maintenance easy.



An essential item for any safe wheel, nut covers protect wheel nuts – keeping them in place. Ensuring optimum safety and product maintenance, our nut covers provide extra reassurance that your wheels are fit for purpose. Our wide range can be tailored to fit your wheel, while also giving a professional exterior look.



They may be small components but the right size wheel nuts are essential to ensuring risk-free wheels. We have a wide range of wheel nuts for steel and aluminium wheels in a variety of sizes and threads – no matter what your commercial vehicle type. Our collection of wheel nuts has a high level of corrosion resistance, so you can save costs on replacements. Plus, there’s no need to change the studs on your vehicle hub when using our wheel nuts.



Available in a variety of sizes, our range of air valves are ideal for getting the most out of your steel and aluminium wheels. The essential wheel addition, they are anti-corrosive, as well as temperature and tear resistant – for optimum road-worthiness. Plus, with a hex recess in the base, they’re easy to install.