If you’re looking for a low maintenance, high performing wheel with a superior finish, our spin-forged aluminium Xbrite range is for you. Manufactured to world-class standards, Xbrite is stronger by design and 40% lighter than the standard steel wheel equivalent, offering you real cost savings and maximum performance for your commercial vehicle. Xbrite wheels are specially treated to deliver the highest levels of corrosion resistance and shine, using just soap and water to keep your fleet looking extra special, with minimal time and effort required.




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For the ultimate performance, our wheels are produced using a refined technique called spin-forging. Forged from a single aluminium billet, a computerised numeric control machine provides maximum possible contour precision to create outstanding production accuracy, delivering you the best quality wheels possible.

The spin forging process aligns the aluminium grain structure for maximum strength, while the special heat treatment used ensures improved fatigue strength. This means you get the longest life possible for your wheels, tyres and axels, as well as greater rider comfort for your drivers. In addition, spin-forged aluminium wheels won’t shatter in the unfortunate event of an accident – giving you peace of mind.



6.75 x 17.5
7.50 x 19.5
7.50 x 22.5
8.25 x 22.5
9.00 x 22.5
11.75 x 22.5

All our Xbrite wheels have been designed with your fleet in mind and are rigorously tested with full supply chain traceability. No matter what your requirements, Xbrite wheels get the job done. Find out how by speaking to us today – we have the expertise to help you.


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